The Ultimate Online Calligraphy Course!

You know you want to be amazing at Modern Calligraphy but...

...the tools JUST WON'T



self-doubt is holding you back. tried YouTube but there is never enough information all

looks quite intimidating!'re struggling

to prioritise yourself enough to give it a try.

What if things could be different?

Calligraphy basic strokes, Jane Morton Driscoll - The Oxford Calligrapher, Hand holding a calligraphy pen

How amazing would it be if you could follow clear system that made learning modern calligraphy easy and fun!

Having an easy to follow system that helps you develop beautifully consistent calligraphy makes your journey fulfilling and enjoyable. Modern calligraphy is pretty easy when you have the right technique!

What if someone showed you how to avoid all of the pitfalls so your modern calligraphy journey was smooth?

Experiencing endless pitfalls can be really discouraging when learning something new. Instead imagine having someone to guide you who has done the hard work already to identify the pitfalls on your behalf... you get to skip straight to the fun.

How amazing would it feel to have a reason to prioritise your wellbeing so you can show up in the rest of life?

Imagine having a hobby that helps to slow you down and soothe your nervous system. Imagine loving something so much that it makes you find the time to do it regularly! Goodness, you might even want to make a living from it!

Modern Calligraphy letters

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

There is a reason Modern Calligraphy is gaining in popularity. The mental health advantages of calligraphy are well-known, and as awareness of self-care grows, it's no surprise that modern calligraphy has become increasingly popular. However, teaching yourself can sometimes lead to doubts, especially when your lettering isn’t quite as perfect as you hoped. I’ve been there—diving right into the alphabet without guidelines, ending up with inconsistent shapes... This was my first attempt so you are definitely not alone!

But your experience can be different! By learning modern calligraphy through a structured and methodical approach, you can quickly see your skills develop and enjoy the process of your artistic growth.

Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce:

Modern Calligraphy Foundations!

Dive into the world of modern calligraphy with a course that’s like having a fairy godmother for your penmanship! “Modern Calligraphy Foundations” is here to guide you gently by the hand (ink-stained, of course) from doodler to skilled scribe. This course is tailor-made for absolute beginners or DIY enthusiasts who are desperate to hone the skills required to have their very own modern calligraphy style. You get a hefty dose of wellness along the way too. Prepare yourself for the warm, fuzzy feeling of actually getting good at this – and fast!

a modern calligraphy pointed pen

Here’s what you’ll get when you enrol onto

The Mastering Modern Calligraphy Course:

Instructional Videos

The course content is delivered via instructional videos. The huge benefit of this is you can watch them over and over again and rewind back to specific techniques you think need more attention.

Value: £197

Mastering modern Calligraphy Online Course

Specially Created worksheets

The course includes downloads different worksheets to help you through the course. You can download and print these as many times as you need throughout the course.

Value: £197

Calligraphy Course Worksheets

Specific Tool Recommendations

At the beginning of the course, you'll receive The Ultimate Kit List, a guide to finding the best equipment for beginners and what to avoid (I'd rather you learned from my mistakes and save yourself some money!)

Value: £17

Lifetime Access to all Materials

You have access to all of the online materials for the course for as long as you need them. This means that you can dip back into the videos any time you feel like you need a refresh on the techniques you have learned.

Value: Priceless

Private Facebook Community

When you enrol onto Mastering Modern Calligraphy you get instant access to my private Facebook community that's just for course members. This is a place to share your calligraphy wins and celebrate each other's success.

Value: £97

Standard enrollment

Perfect for those who want to learn amazing calligraphy skills!

  • 6 Instructional Modules

  • Calligraphy Worksheets

  • Lots of tool recommendations

  • Lifetime access to materials

  • Private Facebook Community


Total Value: £1505

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What will I learn?

Module 1

Welcome and equipment

What is modern calligraphy?

How to get the most from the course

Pencil calligraphy practice

Module 2

Equipment preparation

Basic calligraphy strokes

Things that might go wrong

Module 3

The lowercase alphabet

Spotting and adjusting strokes

Calligraphy drills

Module 4

Moving from letters to words

Basic and complex letter connections

Module 5

The uppercase alphabet

Module 6

Adapting your style


Calligraphy ampersand

Ampersands and other symbols

Calligraphy numbers

Calligraphy Numbers

Calligraphy Drills Sheets

Wat is the best calligraphy equipment?

The Ultimate Kit List

Still on the fence about it?

Let's see what previous calligraphy students have said...

"I completed Jane's Modern Calligraphy course online, just after getting engaged - I am always on the look out for ways to DIY and was really intrigued to incorporate calligraphy into my wedding.

Jane was engaging from the start and made a remote group of strangers feel like best friends. The worksheets were stunning and of such a fab quality - you could tell Jane has put her heart into her passion and was always on hand for support and helpful feedback.

I took any opportunity to practise my learned calligraphy skills - which built my confidence in other lettering (even physical!) - and was so excited to use them as part of my wedding stationery and signage. There is no better feeling than being able to respond, 'Thanks, I made it!'.

Jane was always cheering us on and always around for advice and support (or just a chat!) long after the course ended."

Jess Hopcraft

Why Should you believe me?

Because I've

been there!

I was once exactly like you. I was desperately looking for the right creative outlet, to help calm my nervous system while working in a dreadfully stressful job!

I had a lightbulb moment when I discovered modern calligraphy... WOW this is THE HOBBY for me! But it didn't take long to realise I wasn't getting anywhere with the free YouTube videos where they made it look so easy. I just couldn't do it alone. Taking a proper course with support allowed me to feel good about my progress. In very little time, modern calligraphy became my lifeline when all around me was crumbling. Every day I look forward to the evening when I could get the pen back in my hand.

3 1/2 years on and I have left that stressful job (I was a secondary teacher) and enjoy helping more and more people to fall in love with calligraphy. I am 100% invested in your journey because I want you to feel the joy just like I do!

Companies I have worked with:


What materials do I need to get started with Modern Calligraphy Foundations?

You will need a calligraphy pen holder, some calligraphy nibs, paper suitable for calligraphy, and ink. I'll provide recommendations in The Ultimate Kit List for specific brands and products that work well for beginners

I'm a complete beginner, is this course suitable for me?

Absolutely! This course is designed with beginners in mind. We'll start with the basics and gradually progress to more advanced techniques, ensuring that everyone can follow along regardless of their prior experience.

I've tried learning calligraphy before but struggled, will this course help me?

Yes, definitely. The course takes a comprehensive approach, breaking down techniques into easy-to-follow steps and providing ample practice opportunities and a private Facebook group to help you overcome any challenges you face along the way.

I don't live in the UK, Can I still join the course?

You are welcome to join Modern Calligraphy Foundations from anywhere in the world! The prices are displayed in GBP (£) but can be purchased from anywhere.

How much time do I need to dedicate to the course each week?

I recommend setting aside around of 1-2 hours per week for watching the video lessons and completing practice exercises. However, you can progress at your own pace, so feel free to dedicate more time if you're eager to improve faster. Short and regular sessions is often useful for developing your skills over time.

Is there a specific age requirement for this course?

There's no specific age requirement for this course, however it is primarily designed for adults and older teenagers.

Can I join the course if I have messy handwriting?

The good news is that Modern Calligraphy and handwriting are NOT linked! It's perfectly possible to have messy handwriting AND beautiful calligraphy (I am a perfect example of this!). Modern Calligraphy is like drawing shapes that look like letters, so as long as you take the time to learn those shapes, your lettering will be beautiful.

Are left-handed individuals able to participate in the course?

Yes, definitely. We provide guidance and tips specifically tailored for left-handed people to ensure that you can comfortably practice and master modern calligraphy techniques. There are some incredibly talented left-handed calligraphers out there!

How will the course be structured?

The course is structured into modules, each focusing on specific aspects of modern calligraphy learning. You'll start with foundational techniques and gradually progress to more advanced styling skills,, with plenty of practice exercises along the way.

Will there be live sessions, or is it entirely self-paced?

The course content is self-paced, allowing you to learn and practice at a time that's convenient for you. However, you will be invited to a private Facebook group where you can interact with me and fellow students. This will give you an opportunity to ask any burning questions you may have as well as meeting some of the other course members.

Are there any assignments or projects throughout the course?

There are no assignments but I strongly recommend you share your progress in the Facebook group to celebrate your successes and get over the fear of showing people your amazing new skills!

Are there any additional costs besides the course fee?

The only other cost consideration is the equipment, however this can be bought relatively cheaply. I give you guidance on the best equipment to use at the beginning of the course.

What happens if I fall behind in the course schedule?

You can progress through the course at your own pace, so if you miss a few days or weeks of practice, don't worry. You'll have access to all the course materials for as long as it exists, allowing you to catch up at your convenience.

Can I access the course content after the course ends?

Yes, you'll have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit the lessons and continue practising at your own pace.

What makes this course different from other calligraphy courses available online?

Modern Calligraphy stands out for its comprehensive foundational curriculum and supportive community. Because learning calligraphy had such a profound impact on my mental health, I share the therapeutic effects of practising the skill. I also focus on improving your self-confidence throughout with the hope that your time on the course helps you to develop personally as well as the actually techniques you are learning.

Is there a certificate of completion provided at the end of the course?

Yes, upon successfully completing the course, you'll receive a certificate of completion, which you can proudly showcase as evidence of your newfound skills in modern calligraphy.

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