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What does your wedding signage say about your wedding?

April 05, 20235 min read

What does your wedding signage say about your wedding?

Wedding signage is an essential aspect of any wedding ceremony or reception. Not only do signs serve a practical purpose of directing guests and providing important information, but they also add an extra touch of style and personality to the wedding decor. There are various types of wedding signage available, from digital prints to DIY chalkboards, but handwritten signage stands out as unique luxury and high-end. In this blog, we'll explore the different types of wedding signage, why they are important, and why handwritten signs are the best choice for your special day.

Handwritten signage is often considered to be a cut above the rest in terms of style and quality because it adds a personal touch that cannot be replicated by computer-generated graphics or mass-produced prints. There is something special about the imperfections and quirks that come with handwriting, which can make a sign more authentic and unique.

In addition, handwritten signage can be customized to fit the specific needs of a business or event. Handwriting allows for the use of unique letterforms, flourishes, and embellishments that can make a sign stand out and convey a certain mood or feeling.

Furthermore, when creating handwritten signage, the artist can choose materials that complement the overall design and add to the quality of the piece. The use of high-quality paper or other materials can elevate the overall look and feel of the sign. I also ensure that my wedding signage is as sustainable as possible by using mirrors for wedding signs (which are rented from me so they get used multiple times where a non-recyclable foam board sign only gets used once.) My wooden signs are also responsibly sourced and made of FSC certified wood. These can also be sanded down and reused if you would rather keep your wedding signage as a memento if your wedding day.

There are various types of wedding signage available, and each serves a specific purpose. Here are some of the most common types of wedding signage:

1. Welcome sign

This is usually the first sign that guests see when they arrive at a wedding ceremony or reception. They often include the names of the couple, the date of the wedding, and a welcome message. By including a welcome sign to your wedding decor, you are showing your guests that you care about their presence at your wedding. It also shows that you understand your guests need the reassurance that they've made it to the right venue. As much as the day is about you, The more at ease you make your guests, the better the atmosphere for the whole day!

2. Table Numbers

A simple but very important addition to the wedding table styling. There are lots of ways to present your table numbers - written on a bottle, a framed card, on a mirror or even on a candle.

You are also not limited to table numbers. Why not use names instead? That's what we did for our wedding tables - the names of significant things and places from our relationship. It was great when the guests from one particular table had a name related to a trip we took together as a group. Lots of memories were shared.

3. Table Plans

Wedding table plans are used to direct guests to their assigned seats or tables. However many wedding guests you have, a table plan makes life much easier, but it's also a lovely way to add some stunning decor into your wedding reception room.

Wedding table plans can be displayed in so many wonderful ways. Don't be limited by the idea of names on one big board! My favourite couples are the ones who take a risk and want to try something a little different. I have made table plans on plant pots, demijohns, huge bottles and mirrors! Don't be afraid to do something different - a gorgeous table plan can add masses to your decor and you're guaranteed that every guest will look at it!

4. Menu signs

Menu signs are used to display the menu options for the reception. They can be displayed on a table or easel, or even printed on individual menus at each table. Your guests are sure to be excited about the food you serve them on your wedding day.

Depending on whether you offer menu choices or not for your guests, you can choose to have a big menu sign in the room, a menu sign on each table or individual menus for each table setting.

No choice is better or worse, just different. But they can all be beautiful!

signature drinks handwritten wedding sign signage

5. Bar signs

Bar signs are used to display the drink options available at the bar. They can be displayed on a table or hung on or above the bar.

Not everyone has a cocktail sign, but those who do are sure to have a good time! Signature cocktails are proving a really fun trend for weddings and well worth consideration on your wedding day.

I offer wedding cocktail signs either handwritten or handwritten with an illustration,and of course, on an surface!

Overall, handwritten signage has a timeless and classic appeal that can make it stand out in a world where everything is becoming increasingly digital and automated. It can convey a sense of artistry and craftsmanship that is highly valued by many people.

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Jane Morton Driscoll

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