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Your wedding stationery journey - Discover the process

March 28, 20235 min read

Your wedding stationery journey - Discover the process

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it is time to embark on your wedding stationery journey.. but what does that involve? Here is a detailed account of how I work with you to create the perfect wedding stationery and signage for your special day

1. What is your theme?

Decide on your theme and the colour scheme you would like to use on your wedding day. You can do this by searching through pinterest for ideas and taking inspiration from instagram (add link here) or wedd

ing magazines. Think about your wedding venue and what decor and style would suit it. Draw together some pins of the type of stationery you like. It would be unethical for me to do an exact copy of someone else’s stationery, but it is helpful to draw inspiration from the styles you prefer.

2. Are we the right fit?

Take a look through my website at my calligraphy style, the pictures of the stationery suites I have produced and the wedding signage. Does my wedding stationery sing to you? Do you feel my style suits the overall style of your wedding decor? This is a really important part of your decision making process.

Although as a bespoke stationery designer and calligrapher, I will create new and unique designs for you, the style of my calligraphy will be similar to the photos you can see on the website and the overall style of stationery will have a similar feel to it.

3. What is your budget for wedding stationery and signage?

I know in the UK we are often coy about money, but when it comes to booking your wedding suppliers, we need to be pragmatic and realistic about your budget. Wedding suppliers DON’T increase their rates based on your budget so don’t be afraid to share this from the start. If you’d like beautiful bespoke invites on high quality paper with a wax seal then it is important to acknowledge that this will cost more than making and printing your own wedding stationery at home! (They’ll really wow your guests though!)

If you love my stationery and want to book me for your wedding, for 30 invites, expect to pay around £350+ for a semi-custom wedding invitation suite and £500+ for a bespoke suite. The cost is made up by adding the design fee based on time spent designing the suite, the materials and the cost to print and assemble the wedding invitations. There is always wriggle room by choosing a simpler invitation style, a different type of paper or by adjusting the finishings to better suit your budget. On-the-day wedding stationery and signage varies greatly depending on what you choose, but handwritten calligraphy place names start at £1.75 and a mirror welcome sign costs £80-90, to give you an idea. By being upfront from the beginning about your stationery budget, it avoids the disappointment of getting really excited about your dream wedding invitations with all the bells and whistles to find out at the end that its way outside your budget!

4. Budget, tick. Style, tick… let's talk!

Once you feel confident that my wedding stationery and signage is the right fit for you, it’s time to get in touch! You will find a wedding contact form on my website with a few important details about your wedding. Once I have received this, I will ask you to book a call by sending you a link to my calendar. This saves us all from the to and fro of working out when we are all free to chat. During the call, we will discuss your wedding in more detail so that I can help turn your ideas into reality. We will discuss colour combinations, paper types, printing finishes and of course, the design. I will then send a proposal with costs for you to review and once you’re happy, a deposit is paid to cover the design fee and a contract is signed.

Make a wedding inquiry

5. The design stage… exciting!

This is when your ideas start to take shape. I will design your wedding invitation suite based on the details you shared with me on our call and the wording you provide f

or me Included in your design fee I will make up to three amendments to the invitation design at your request. Any additional amendments incur an additional design fee.

Once you’re thrilled with the wedding invitation design, I will ask you to pay the remaining balance before printing commences (if you have also booked on-the-day stationery with me, this is charged separately afterwards.)

6. On-the-day stationery

After receiving your wedding invitation, your guests will have seen a hint towards the style of your wedding. Your on-the-day wedding stationery and signage will then tie in beautifully to continue that theme into your wedding day. Although we may have discussed the style of your on-the-day stationery and signage, the design process will commence after your invitations have been printed and sent. There will be a further payment at this stage to cover the design process and a final payment before your beautiful on-the-day stationery and signage is created for you. On completion, depending on your location and the services you book, you can either collect the items or I can send them to you on request. Mirrors for signage are hired for the day as part of the fee, but these cannot be posted to you. I ensure that your on-the-day stationery and signage is ready 2 weeks before your wedding day, allowing you enough time to get your RSVPs back from your guests before embarking on place names and table plan creation.

calligraphy wedding vow book for wedding ceremony stationery

7. What happens after your wedding day?

Once you’ve tied the knot and are blissfully married, there are just a few more things I ask of you. If you’ve hired mirrors for your wedding signage, they will need to be returned so that I can use them for the next couple (reusing is important to me). I would also absolutely love for you to fill in the short feedback form I send to you so that I can continue to provide the best quality service to future couples. Finally I would love to have a few of your wedding photos featuring my handiwork to share with your permission.

If you’re ready to start your wedding stationery journey with me, fill in the short form on my website and I’ll be in touch!

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