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Breaking the Chains: Challenging Archaic Wedding Traditions with Empowered Stationery

June 06, 20233 min read

Breaking the Chains: Challenging Archaic Wedding Traditions with Empowered Stationery

As a feminist wedding stationer, I firmly believe in celebrating love, equality, and breaking free from outdated traditions. Weddings are a beautiful expression of a couple's unique journey, and it's time to challenge the norms that perpetuate inequality and reinforce gender stereotypes. In this blog post, we'll explore archaic wedding traditions that couples should break, including the use of gendered language, and why empowered stationery and signage can play a vital role in creating a more inclusive and meaningful celebration.


1. Ditching Gendered Language: gender-neutral wedding invitations, inclusive wedding stationery

gender neutral wedding invitations, inclusive wedding invitations

Many traditional wedding invitations use gendered language, such as "Mr. and Mrs." or "Bride and Groom." These terms, particularly the title "Mrs," are steeped in patriarchal tradition and can reinforce unequal power dynamics. The word 'Mrs' actually derives from 'Mr's' as in 'belongs to Mr...' which doesn't sit well for many women in today's society. By opting for gender-neutral language that recognizes and honors all individuals involved, couples can create wedding stationery that reflects the equality and diversity of modern relationships.

2. Breaking Away from Patriarchal Traditions: feminist wedding signage, non-traditional ceremony ideas

bride and groom feminist wedding signage

Certain wedding traditions perpetuate patriarchal norms, such as the father giving away the bride. These practices symbolise the transfer of ownership from one man to another and can undermine a woman's autonomy. To challenge this, couples can create signage that reflects a more egalitarian approach, emphasising partnership and equal agency. Non-traditional ceremony plans can acknowledge both partners' contributions, breaking away from the notion of one person being "given" to another. Women are not possessions to be handed from one man to another!

3. Rethinking Wedding Party Titles: inclusive wedding party titles, empowering wedding signage

wedding party doing a wedding speech

Wedding party titles like "Bridesmaids" and "Groomsmen" can be exclusionary and reinforce gender stereotypes. Additionally, the use of "Maid" in the title can diminish the autonomy and identity of adult women. Embracing more inclusive titles like "Wedding Party" or "Supporting Crew" ensures that all individuals involved feel respected and celebrated for their unique role in the celebration. These are my two best friends rethinking the tradition of only men by producing the best speech of our wedding day... in song!

By incorporating empowering signage that highlights their individuality, couples can further promote a sense of inclusivity. As a side note, the tradition of having a best man comes from the times when men would have to kidnap brides from neighbouring villages if there weren't enough women to go round in theirs! The best man would be there to help put up a fight if necessary. It's all feeling a bit sinister!

4. Redefining Wedding Roles: feminist wedding stationery, equality-focused wedding planning

wedding signage

Many traditional wedding roles reinforce gender stereotypes, such as the bride doing all the wedding planning or the groom being solely responsible for financial decisions. These expectations limit individual expression and perpetuate unequal gender roles.

By incorporating feminist wedding stationery that celebrates equality and shared responsibilities, couples can challenge these norms. Empowering signage can emphasise partnership and mutual collaboration, fostering an environment where both partners are recognized and valued for their contributions.

Celebrate Love!

Weddings should be a celebration of love, respect, and equality. By challenging archaic wedding traditions through empowered stationery and signage, couples can create a more inclusive and meaningful experience for themselves and their guests. Ditching gendered language, breaking away from patriarchal practices, rethinking wedding party titles, and redefining wedding roles are all important steps towards creating a wedding celebration that promotes equality and challenges gender stereotypes. Let us embrace the opportunity to break free from archaic traditions, honoring diverse love stories and celebrating the beauty of equality in every aspect of our weddings. Together, let's pave the way for a future where all couples can express their love authentically, without the constraints of patriarchal norms.

If you're looking to book a stationer who is conscious of equality and diversity, take a look at my wedding page to find out more and book a call.

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