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Where is the line between 'need' and 'want' for your Wedding Stationery & Signage?

January 25, 20234 min read

Where is the line between 'need' and 'want' for your Wedding Stationery & Signage?

Wedding stationery and signage are such an important part of your wedding. It's the first thing your guests will see about your wedding to give them a hint about the day.

It's also full of practicalities. Wedding stationery and signage tell your guests where they need to be and when, as well as all manner of other details to steer them through the day.

But how where is the line between need and want where stationery is concerned? The short answer is it's different for every couple! But here are all of the things you should try to include...

Wedding Invitations

Your guests really do need to receive an invitation to your wedding or they won't be there! Receiving an invitation through the door is not solely about giving information to your guests. Yes, your wedding invitations tell your guests where the wedding is and when they need to be there, a good invitation also give hints to the level of formality your wedding will have, which will almost certainly inform their wedding outfit choices.

Wedding invitations are also designed to be sent out just a few months before, just in time to get your guests really excited about your big day. They'll most likely have the date in their diary from the save-the-date, but the invite landing on the doormat is a big moment for any wedding guest!

'Welcome to our wedding' sign

Weddings can often be an anxious time for your guests, especially since the pandemic where we have spent a period of our lives without socialising as much.

The process of deciding what to wear, how they'll get to and from the wedding and nerves about meeting new people can be a real anxiety trigger for some. A friendly welcome sign at the entrance of your wedding venue can help people to ground themselves before walking in. You can include a nice friendly message such as 'we are so excited to share today with you' which would be sure to put everyone at ease.

Wedding Vow books

Who knew you'd need a vow book on your wedding day? Well if push came to shove, it probably isn't the most essential piece of stationery. It does, however, have a beautiful aesthetic purpose - they make your ceremony photos look lovely!

Holding something beautiful in your hands is certain to help steady you on this moment that you've been building up to for months or years. I always recommend having the vows typed inside rather than hand lettered by me, to make them easier to read during the wedding ceremony. A vow book looks really beautiful on your wedding photos, and far better than the dog-eared piece of paper your new spouse has been practising from in the lead up to your wedding day.

Wedding Breakfast Table Plan

If you want your guests to sit down at a particular table to eat, you need a table plan! The fun thing about these is that you can be really adventurous in the way you present them - on large bottles or jars, a mirror, on wood or acrylic, or in a decorative frame. the options are endless.

I always recommend to couples that they have their wedding guests' names written in block lettering. As beautiful as calligraphy is, you don't want your guests lingering around the table plan for too long, especially at a big wedding or you'll never get to your starters! Block letters are easy to read, get the job done and look lovely too.

Place Names

Wedding place cards on handmade deckle edged paper

Place names are by far my favourite wedding stationery to make for couples. I enjoy writing all of the different names and find it incredibly therapeutic. I particularly enjoy it when couples have inventive ideas for their place names. I have so far written names on lemons, pumpkins, agate slices, capiz shells, marble tiles and all different kinds of paper too.

Everyone loves to see their name written beautifully and wedding guests almost always take their place card home as a keepsake. Practical and beautiful is the aim for this piece of stationery. I can't promise that people won't switch places by dessert, but knowing where you'd like them to sit at their table is a good start for the wedding breakfast

The Wedding Breakfast Menu

The food is always something that your guests look forward to! whether it's a formal sit-down meal or a casual buffet, your guests will want to know what they're eating. Menus can be presented as a board if you prefer a more informal feel. At a formal meal, one menu can be displayed if everyone is eating the same, or individual menus on each place setting work well when you have offered your guests an option on their RSVP.

Remember to bear your wedding guests in mind when it comes to your wedding stationery. What do you want them to know? What will make them feel at ease?

Once the practicalities are out of the way, you then get the fun task of choosing the style of stationery and signage you want! Take a look through the WEDDINGS page on my website to get some inspiration and get in touch to book a call with me.

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