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Freehand engraving at luxury corporate events and activations - Elevating your brand.

March 20, 20233 min read

Freehand engraving at luxury corporate events and activations - Elevating your brand.

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

There is no denying that freehand engraving is a very special and luxurious art form. What a great way to make a statement at luxury corporate events and brand activations, by having an artist personalising your products and gifts on-site or in-store, providing unforgettable elegance and sophistication for your guests and clients.

Freehand engraving can be used in a number of ways to elevate your brand and impress clients. In this blog post, I will share with you can work with an engraver to bring your products and gifts to life.

1. Freehand engraving at luxury events

Freehand engraving artists use equipment that is handheld to engrave onto glass, metal and ceramic. This can be anything from names and initials to short messages and beautiful illustrated details.

I use a small hand-held rechargeable device, making engraving events mobile and easy to integrate into your luxury corporate events. I bring calligraphy supplies with me to all events to offer additional services if required. My friendly and professional demeanour makes the customisation process a luxurious experience, culminating in a beautiful and memorable product for your guests to take home at the end of the event.

2. In-store brand activation events

Why not offer a unique experience in-store by inviting me to engrave your products live in front of your customers? In-store engraving events attract and entice more customers to your store, with the offer of a unique personalised engraving service.

Perfume bottles are my very favourite to engrave and I have worked with Dior, John Lewis and Bicester Village engraving a wide range of perfume brands including Penhaligons, Chanel and Jo Malone.

In-store engraving is usually offered as a complimentary service to customers who purchase eligible products on the day of the event. I personalise the products with initials, names, short phrases and illustrations. I am always happy to discuss your brief beforehand to help you to decide what services work best for your brand.

3. Live engraving and calligraphy at wedding receptions

Are you looking for high-end entertainment at a wedding reception? Wedding planners and engaged couples are inquiring about live engraving events at their weddings for their guests to enjoy.

This live experience oozes luxury and and is an inventive and unique way of offering wedding favours to your guests.

Why not offer personalised fans at a summer wedding or a champagne flute for each guest? Whatever you choose, I will work with you to ensure your live calligraphy and engraving is an experience for you and your wedding guests to remember.

4. Personalised engraved gifts and luxury corporate gifts

Companies are looking for more inventive ways to make their clients feel valued. Personalised engraving on gifts such as a bottle of wine or gin will guarantee that your company will be remembered above others. I work from my home studio on corporate gift commissions or if it is more convenient to visit your site, this can also be arranged.

5. A note on personalised champagne bottles

I am often asked to engrave on champagne bottles, but unfortunately this this not a service I am able to offer.

Because champagne is stored in a pressurised bottle, engraving disrupts its integrity and can cause the bottle to explode at any time. This could happen immediately while engraving or later on down the line when the bottle is sitting in your client's wine fridge. Needless to say, this is not the lasting impression you would like to give!

If you would still like personalised champagne, I can do this using calligraphy instead, which is equally stunning and a much safer option than freehand engraving. Or you could opt to engrave some champagne saucers instead!

If you would like to book me for an upcoming corporate engraving or calligraphy event, get in touch below.

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